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Let your data, flow and be fixed

We make data bridging with your business partners easy.  We have spent many years developing a data bridging framework that allows simple, fast and reliable data collection, processing and distribution.

Utilising more than 20 years of experience in the Logistics Industry developing data connectivity software, we got together and developed a new data processing framework making the onboard process of customers for logistics and supply chain, a simple, fast and elegant process. 

Easy to use

No need to hire developers.  With our Drag and Drop interface, you can be communicating data in hours, not months.

Customer Friendly

Simply, give our friendly team your requirements and you could be trading with your new business partners quickly and hassle-free.

Clever Features

Pure genius!  We have over 42 modules in our toolkit which can be joined together to create clever data flows.



Unique data bridging framework for collecting, processing and distributing your data




23 years of experience in bridging companies in the logistics sector


our fun


Portable, Real-time photo, data and printing technology using our unique FoundryBox LIVE Cloud platform


The Know How

Our Knowledge

We know the logistics business






Data collection, processing and distribution that suit your needs

We make data bridging with your business partners easy.  FoundryBox Ltd has spent 10 years developing a data bridging framework that allows simple, fast and reliable data collecting, processing and distribution without writing a single line of code.  We leave the connecting process up to engineers and not expensive programmers, leaving you time and money to invest elsewhere.  Be efficient and fast, not slow and expensive.

See in detail

Discovery & Strategy

Before we begin, our team needs to understand your data requirements.  Then we can help advise on the best practice for you to integrate with your new business partner.

Legacy Systems

Our unique flexible data framework can remove old legacy systems with great ease taking away the pain and cost of months and years of bespoke development.

Design & Development

All of our data flows run straight out of the box and meet most customers requirements, but if they don't, we simply design and develop a plugin to keep your data flowing.

Cloud Platform

Our FoundryBox LIVE cloud platform delivers the power and performance that modern day data bridging requires, not to mention adding Geo-Redundancy and load balancing.


Yes, we are hiring

If you are interested in working in Budapest, Hungary with a dynamic team and speak excellent English, then get in touch.  We are looking for young dynamic individuals who would like to help us with the design and development of our data bridging framework and help our over seas customers.







whats your super power?

WatchMen Service

Automation is one thing, but sometimes you need that extra mile so we developed a unique concept to FoundryBox.  The Watchman Service. So... we turned our staff into superheroes who during key periods of data transfer sit and watch the data flows looking for problems and fixing them immediately without the need to tickets and support calls.  We get there first.


We constantly watch your data flows looking out for data issues, failures and validation.


As soon as we find an issue we aim to fix it immediately, keeping your data flowing as it should.


During the most crucial time periods, we have staff physically watching your data flow.


FoundryBox developed specialised modules.  We are building an artificial and machine learning module to learn from your mistakes. We can auto check address across the globe, Zip Codes, and split data based on rules.


If our automatic system does not catch the data, then we have a team of Data Detectives to help our.  Belts and Braces to make sure we help achieve 100% success rates.

Validation Engine

We call this our "Validation Engine" and can be built just using simple Drag-n-Drop routines within our FoundryBox framework.  Its your choice on Validation and we will help you connect it together.

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